Astrology Article : Will Panchgrahi Yog activate devastating situation Globally

Will Panchgrahi Yog activate devastating situation Globally

Mars with Saturn itself is a deadly combination. Saturn in own sign and Mars exalted with Venus, Moon and Mercury. Lords of war, dandadhikari (justice), Guru of evil (Daitya/rakshas) Venus, Intelligence and fast-moving planet Moon on Amavasya (with malefic impact – maximum pakshik bal). Malefic impacts are on the higher side.

Activities are changing very fast. We are missing Patience – because no planet is giving dahirya (planet).

Now, many countries are involving or joining hands with Ukraine and Russia is warning for use Nuclear energy/atomic power. It is also fact that in first sitting/meeting normally no resolution is possible and both the powers will flex their muscles. That is what happening in the meeting of Ukraine and Russia.

Situation is slowly – but suddenly slipping out of hands. Now, we must watch for coming two days till this Panchgrahi yog is formed ie. till March 1st, 2022, at 16:33 Hrs (IST). Even then four planets will be forming chaturgrahi yog, which will be risky for the period of fortnight. It will be better that global leaders should deal the situation with patience otherwise commander with dandadhikari will be ready to give dand (punish) to all of us.

Situation is critical for at least for coming 30-40 days.

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