Nifty Prediction : Volatility Possible | Selling on rise ‘n’ buy on dip possible

Daily Forecast – Share Market – June 30th, 2022

Volatility Possible | Selling on rise ‘n’ buy on dip possible

Protect funds

Mars and Jupiter are leading the day, well supported by Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn (Rx). Importantly, lord of foreign lands and cues is strong with the lord of sea related issues, indicating crude will be on upper side with the low of INR against USD.

I agree that cues from foreign market may be little bit better, but are they stable? I am bit doubtful, because of the planetary position. Even though market may try to show some recovery from lower levels. But it will be difficult to say for the stability of such recovery.

Remember market has monthly expiry. Hence, pressure is possible in the market or better to say trimming/sell on rise in the market

There are three reasons for the same.

  1. Saturn’s position – a falling planet.
  2. Russia / Ukraine war
  3. Inflation, unemployment, energy crises, fall in GDP and shaky steps by government’s (various countries) – this is global scenario. COVID era is not over yet. Fear of such pandemic is seen time to time in different countries/global areas. Despite of protection doses.
  4. These factors are developing fear/confusion in the minds of common traders.

Recovery from lower is also possible, but I can not rule out selling on rise. Foreign cues are Foreign markets may be shaky. Hence, we can expect shaky market movements. Crude is also volatile. Ups and downs in the cunning period. Which is again giving uncertainty in the production costs of industries. Energy crises, food crises, employment crises are the major cause of fear along with after effects of Lockdown period of 2020. And other steps by some countries prior to this period may be in last 5-6 years.

Many countries are facing bankruptcy like stages.

Anyways, action in almost many segments can be seen including IT (for tomorrow), banks (for after the period of 02-07-2022), power, infrastructure, reality, chemicals, alcohol, communication instruments, internet, web based segments, e-commerce, entertainment, gases, crude related segments, automobile tyres, logistics and many more may remain active on either side.

Recession in the coming period may be possible. It will be better to trade with care.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 78.30 to 79.20 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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