Nifty Prediction : Nifty may breach 16000 | Recession or market looking for bottom out?

Daily Forecast – Share Market – June 13h, 2022 Nifty may breach 16000 | Recession or market looking for bottom out? Mars, Sun with Saturn (Retrograde) are leading the day, well supported by Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Chances of foreign trend may give heavy impact on local market. Secondly, local issues are also not much supportive. Issues (global) related to Inflation, unemployment, food crises, dip in consumption and crises of energy etc. are impacting the market since last around three years (since Corona has entered in the world). Now, racism, war and other issues are important for the market. Saturn – The KARMFAL data (lord of Karmfal) is retrograde and certainly will be in a mood to give its decision or may give results of Karma done by us in any respect. COVID cases are rising. INR is again losing its base. I believe market is ready to breach 16000 of Nifty and now there will be difference of opinion. Someone may feel that market is heading for bottom out, but due to crises of energy and inflation with unemployment, which is affecting purchasing capacity of consumers. If the same situation will persist, chances of big recession in the market can be seen. It may be like 2008 or if further continued then after 90-92 years we may see very strong recession. Market is giving indications of poor demand and unemployment since last three years. It will be better to […]

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