Nifty Prediction : Buying from lower & pressure on upper possible | Nifty may look for 16200

Daily Forecast – Share Market – May 26th, 2022 Buying from lower & pressure on upper possible | Nifty may look for 16200 Sun with Saturn is leading the day, well supported by Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury (Rx) and Ketu. Saturn is giving indications for punishing global economics etc. It may harm life of living beings (including human) – may be due to human errors or harming nature or some other ways, which may hurt human relationship due to religion or otherwise. Food crises, water crises, energy crises and economic crises is possible (globally), which may further affect job market, increasing unemployment. Which may hurt purchasing power, and energy crises. That means before going for long, we must be watchful and cautious. I do not mean to say avoid the daily moves. As today, Market may show buying from lower levels, despite of weekly and monthly expiry. Pressure on IT, communication, and related segments. Possibly due to profit bookings on upper levels. Areas like automobile, energy, power, coal, pharmaceuticals, textiles, leather, engineering, financial institutions (ups and downs possible), keep a watch on metals/steel, watch on USD, sea related areas, research and space, laboratories, chemicals, communication instruments, entertainment instruments, and many more may show some buying from lower. Geo-market situation better, look for buying from lower.  Be ready to sell on upper levels (as and when required). Indian Currency Indian Rupee may trade in between 77.00 to 77.90 per USD. Please […]

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