Vedic Astrology : Query by Jaidev Purohit, from Ahemdabad (India)

Name : Jaydev Purohit
Date of Birth : 04-07-1996
Time of Birth : 04:22 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth: Ahemdabad (India)
Question : when will i get a secure job?

Jaidev Purohit,
According to the Vedic Astrology my observations are as follows:1. Taurus ascendant and ascendant has own lord Venus with Mars, indicating your focus on various issues. It will be better to focus on professional issues also.
2. You are passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter which is badhak for this Taurus ascendant horoscope, but placed in own house, indicating advantages from inheritance, sudden gains/losses (if anything wrong is done), improvement in longevity also. Anterdasha of Saturn is representing house of profession and fortune/father etc. indicating ready to give advantage. It will be better to avail advantage during this running period till September 2023.
Regarding stability of Job, chances of changes in the job or dissatisfaction from the job or change of places can be seen during this Mahadasha of Jupiter for next 12 and half year or so.
It will be better to chant one Mala of “Om Bring Brihaspatey namah:” on daily basis. I hope lord Vishnu will bless you and chances of good opportunity in your life may help you. It will be better to donate something woolen to anyone needy during winters or in the last week of this year.
Shani Mahadasha will be giving you a lot.

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