Nifty Prediction : Global Emotions weak | Confidence suspected | Trade wisely

Daily Forecast – Share Market – December 11th, 2021

Global Emotions weak | Confidence suspected | Trade wisely

Ketu, Saturn with Sun are leading the day, with support of Mars, Moon and Mercury. Degree wise Lord of foreign lands and banks are same at the time of opening of the market, so impact of foreign cues will be very important, which may influence the market heavily, apart from fear of Omicron. Lord of bank is in papkartari, hence impact of foreign trades/market situation may give impact on Banks and not allow to give proper strength to own house of banks and financial institutions. Suddenness in the market will not be surprising on either of the direction.

Inflation and other issues are giving impact on global trades, which are giving impact on the local market. Trade with care, profit booking may continue. May be filtered. But before going for long wait and watch. Buying for good equities will be better option. Indexes may show some pressure.

Activities in all the areas may be seen, time may provide some advantage to pick good equities and balance the prices. Remember, Ketu may give sudden moves in either of the direction. Anytime market may swing to other side.

Keep a watch on banks, financial institution, pharmaceuticals, power, automobile, finance, renewable energy, consumer goods (FMCG), EV, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care, pathology laboratories and cotton, e-commerce, and many more like bio-technology based segments.

Nifty may show weakness, but sudden moves may change the direction of market. Trade wisely. It is not necessary to trade on daily. Wait and watch.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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