Nifty Prediction : Allow market to settle down | Preparation for 2022 possible

Daily Forecast – Share Market – December 31st, 2021 Allow market to settle down | Preparation for 2022 possible Sun with Saturn is leading the day, well supported by Venus, Mars, Moon and Mercury. Foreign cues may not be decent, at the same time support from the lord of horoscope ay not be seen, since is falling from previous house. Moon is forming a beautiful relationship with Jupiter, which may be useful during the day. Allow the Index to settle down and look for opportunities. This is also true that market may remain in holiday mood or better to say celebration mood for New Year eve. Corona is rising with rapid speed. Delhi and Mumbai are raising alarm. This is required to take necessary precautions to protect self and society. Nifty may indicate range of 17150 to 17350. I feel that Nifty is preparing for 17400 or so in moving period. Laziness during day will not be surprising but emotions are not bad. Keep a watch on FIIs, also on OMICRON/COVID cases in India. Areas like automobile, logistics, automobile tyres, automobile batteries, textiles, biotech or biological products based companies or better to say, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and insurance related segments, power, IT, communication, e-entertainment, bank, financial institutions, leather and textiles (may show movements due to news) and others. Keep a watch. Stock based or index-based trade can be done but with patience. Nifty may prepare for 17350+ in coming days. Indian […]

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