Nifty Prediction : Stock based trading/buying better | Index based still watchful

Daily Forecast – Share Market – December 8th, 2021 Stock based trading/buying better | Index based still watchful Moon, Mercury with Sun are leading the day, well supported by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Foreign cues are better, other issues related to the market looking for credit policy and data received related to GST and others. Planetary position is comfortable, lord of bank is ready to move in Sagittarius sign, which may give support to banks etc. from Monday onwards. I will prefer to look for banks and other financial institutions. Lord of IT, communication, logistics and entertainment, space etc. is supporting own house so such segment may also be interesting for the day. As mentioned in previous week that this week after solar eclipse may give come back or better results. Index and market may show movements on the upper side. Market may show around 1% movement during the day. As suggested in previous reports that good stocks (during that last period) to buy, my give returns now. Crude may be gaining its levels, so oil exploration companies may get advantages. Companies related to artificial intelligence, IT, communication, banks, financial institutions (for the coming week), automobile, cement, textiles, leather, power, renewable energy, EV based automobile, ancillaries, automobile tyres, batteries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care etc. my be doing better. I will still prefer to go with stock based buying than to Index based buying. Indian Currency Indian Rupee may trade in […]

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