Query by ab, from Patna (India)

Name : ab
Date of Birth : 16-6-1987
Time of Birth : 15:50 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Panta (India)
Query : I have a question regarding marriage. Will it be love marriage or arranged?
Will parents agree for my love marriage?

You have not mentioned that you are male or female, because for marriage purpose this is important because planets for both are different for the marriage purpose.
1. Natural karak for marriage (female) is in its own house but in the house of disturbance, Jupiter is Mahadasha lord, and Anterdasha lord is Mercury, indicates that some disturbance due to fortune and father or may be religion/caste based.
2. I think, this relationship will give you disturbance, next anterdasha is Ketu. I will recommend to reconsider relationship.


  1. Dear Anoop Sir
    I am male. Now please tell me about my question. sorry for not posting the gender before.
    Please reply. Waiting for your precious rpl.

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