Query by Shabita, from Karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Shabita Date of Question : 06-04-2013 Time of Question : 15:16 Hrs (LST) Place of Question : Karachi (Pakistan) Query : I want to ask about a guy whose family met us few months back say one or two and liked me for their son and told us that they are happy to meet us but,they remained silent for a long time. Again they contacted us a day back and showed their interest .they told us that they are willing to visit us again to proceed the matter but,again I see obstacles.different obstacles are in the way. I feel steessed.my family is happy with the proposal but,will I really marry this guy? Delays are making me depressed and confused and worried. Is D my destined husband? Shabita, According to Vedic astrology, my observations are as follows: 1. I feel, your doubts are close to true. 2. If, I want to see direct link with ascendant lord (Question or you) with spouse house lord Saturn, then no proper linkage. 3. Rahu is conjunct with Saturn and Rahu is transiting through, the Nakshtra of Jupiter, and Ascendant lord is placed in the sign of Jupiter but in the house of unknown events. I do not see direct chances, but due to some undisclosed reasons, if this possibility will develop then not before Middle of April 2013, but I am not sure.

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