Query by Tiken, from Unknown place

Query : I want to know that the purpose of wearing of gemstone is for increasing the power of concerned planet or reducing/ reflecting the power of that planet? Suppose I m under the period of Mahadasha of Rahu . Shall I wear a gomed ring for reducing the effect of rahu?

1. Any Gemstone is like a medicine. Now, it is not necessary that according to Mahadasha one must wear.
2. Suppose, any person is wearing Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) during Mahadasha of Jupiter. His/her horoscope has Taurus ascendant, and Jupiter and Sun has exchanged their position from eighth house. Now if person will wear Pukhraj (Yellow sapphire), certainly, problems will increase during this period.
Now what I mean to say, wearing Gemstone, can increase affects of the stone (malefic or auspicious). It depends on the position of Planet/House and relationship etc.
Similarly, Rahu – can be good but can be adverse. Then why not to go for Bhairav chalisa or Rahu pooja or some other solutions etc.
Better to say, Gemstones will play role according to their planets position etc.

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