Query by Yogesh Kumar, from Ludhiana (India)

Name : Yogesh kumar
Date of Birth : 07-05-1985
Time of Birth : 13:55 Hrs. (IST)
Place of Birth : Ludhiana (India)
Question -sir, i was 1 year old when i got paralysed, m not able to do any work with right hand. Also cant give stress on mind..want to know may i spend a normal life ? When i ll be all rite.. M the only son of my family..

According Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Leo Ascendant, and Lord Sun is placed in the house of fortune with Rahu. Degrees of Rahu and Sun are very close (56 mins difference). That is harming your health, mind and right side of your body. Rahu is also combust.
2. Sixth house lord Saturn (Retro) falling planet, is placed in the house of mother and happiness with Moon. Afflicted by fourth house lord Mars, but house is strengthen by Mars. moon has just come out of the axis Ketu-Rahu axis. Birth was close to Lunar eclipse. That is also one of the reason for Paralysis.
3. You were born with Balarisht yog. But the positive sign was Krishna Paksh birth and in day time birth. That’s why you were protected by Goddess.
4. You were born with the Mahadasha of Mercury, placed in the house of Longevity, mysteries in its debilitated sign with exalted Venus. Neech yog was bhag, and you were survived.
You must READ VISHNUSAHSRNAM, and on each Wednesday if possible give green feed cow. Chant Shiv Chalisa and pray Goddess.

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