Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – January 18th, 2013

Share Market and India – January 18th, 2013

  1. Mercury is heading for total combust. So, religious persons, intellectuals, politicians or media must be watchful for their speeches etc. Since Ketu will also play role for next three days, so we can expect some unexpected issues – may be related with foreign lands or hospitals etc. We can expect some contradictory issues within next one month.
  2. Moon will also move to the nakshtra of Ketu after 19:22 Hrs (IST), so even public may feel something unexpected.
  3. Affliction on neighbours will continue because two malefic planets and one cruel planet is afflicting house of neighbours. Similarly, transport is also afflicted. Such as Airlines – some airlines may have to face tough time till one month.
  4. Weather disturbance for the day will be there as mentioned in my posts.

Share Market

  1. Mercury will be total combust, expect sudden drop or drop in share market, although Venus is trying to give support to the market, but Share market house lord is not in a position to give physical support.
  2. Period for infrastructure, vehicles, Power etc. will be good. Education related will also rise. Export – Import related shares will also be in good position in coming days.
  3. Today aviation may remain positive, because Moon is placed in eleventh house of the horoscope and transiting from the nakshtra of Mercury, aspects house of aviation. Some news related with aviation may come from foreign lands after 19:22 Hrs (IST).
  4. Venus is supporting but for Indian Rupee may be positive. Silver and Gold will be positive in coming days.

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