Daily Prediction – Share Market and India – January 7th, 2013

Share Market and India – January 7th, 2013 India We can expect strong cold wind, in the northern part of India for few days. Rahu will be moving in the sixth house of India’s birth chart, and conjunction with Saturn. This position indicates that in future some public agitation, strikes etc. or disturbance by foreign hands can be seen. As earlier predicted, government has increased CNG prices. Further till 30th of January 2013, government may change some petroleum prices. Agitation or issues related to women will be in lime light till January 30th, 2013. Better position is expected after middle of May 2013. During January 2013, we may not see much of political movements till end of the month. Share Market Ascendant lord Venus has exchanged its position with Jupiter and Venus is transiting from the Nakshtra of Ketu. This position indicates that Venus is affecting nation. Venus is placed in eighth house; I believe that petroleum related shares may be positive. This may also affect minerals etc. Banks and financial institutions related shares may be positive. But sudden changes can be seen in the Share markets in coming days. Aviation, IT, Media,Telecom,  Travel and Transport related shares may be movement – positive side. But while trading suggestion is better to be careful, timely profit booking is advised. Overall indication is – movement towards unexpected direction. Because Venus is transiting through the Nakshtra of Ketu.

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