Astrology Prediction : Query by Sania (Horary), from Karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Sania
Date of Question : 9-1-2013
Time of Question : 19:52 Hrs (LST)
Question : Will the proposal finalize in this family who visited us?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as below:
1. At the time you have raised this question, its Cancer ascendant, Movable sign. That means, situation will change, I mean, whatever situation is today will change to fix status.
2. Ascendant lord Moon is placed with Rahu (transiting at 0 degree and 35 mins.), Spouse house lord is transiting in the Nakshtra of Rahu (North Node). Relationship combination is good. But indirect relationship.
3. I think, you may get response after 17-1-2013. Possibility is positive but not very strong.
I wish all the luck


  1. Thank you.they have already shown their interest.and I am hopeful that they would like to proceed the matter but,I am not sure about my mother personally liked the guy but,he is not very strong financially.I am doubtful about the results.if the matter will finalize or not ?

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