Astrology Prediction : Query from Fahim, Karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Fahim

Date of Birth : 19-5-1982

Time of Birth : 13:30 Hrs (PST)

Place of Birth : Karachi (Pakistan)

Query : If Fahim can go to abroad and settle down there, and how will be spouse?

I confirm, what you had described regarding your state of health.
Now regarding your queries, my observations according to Vedic Method are as below-
1. Leo ascendant and its lord Sun is placed in a very good position, after the age of 50 yrs, your life will take another positive turn and direction for the remaining life will be set.
2. There is a linkage between, 9th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house with 10th house lord, I have to agree that you will be going to abroad, and with in this Mahadasha of Venus, which is just started. But you have to check a tendency of leaving the job quickly.
Before leaving the job, work out properly.
3. Spouse house lord is Saturn, and placed with Mars in 2nd house, you will get a wealthy spouse or after marriage you will get money. Since Mars and Saturn are together in the house of your closest family (Kutumb), so there will be disturbance (possibility)
But Jupiter is blessing your spouse house so, will give
blessing to married life.
This Mahadasha of Venus will give marriage, but may take at least a year or so.


  1. I have a horary question .I am placing my horary query for the first time so do not know if I am providing you the correct details:

    Today date is 8 september 2012
    Time when raised this question: 13:36 pm
    Place where I asked the question: karachi/pakistan
    Gender :female

    My question is : is he my future husband?
    Will he ever introduce me to his parents and our affair will convert into marriage?
    Will we marry sooner or later?

    • Sara,
      The time you have raised this question, my observations as per vedic methods are as follows:
      1. Scorpio Ascendant- in the last degrees. Indicates situation is still unchanged, but is on the corner to change.
      2. Ascendant Lord Mars is in 12th house with Saturn, in the sign of Venus. And Venus is placed in 9th house – house of father Venus is 7th house lord too.(Venus is the lord of spouse/friend etc. in this chart)
      3. Venus is in the Nakshatra of Saturn which is placed with ascendant Lord Mars.
      4. 4th house (House of Mother) Lord in this chart is Saturn and is with Mars.
      I think, connectivity is good. So, results can be positive.

    • This means, marriage will be in traditional style. Even love marriage can also be in traditional style.
      May be of your choice or may be known to you.
      Don’t worry. Enjoy your life, which is waiting for you.

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