Astrology Prediction : Query by Wafa (Karachi) Pakistan – Horary

Name  – Wafa

Time of Question : 12:26 Hrs (PST)

Date of Question : 6-9-2012

Place : Karachi

Question : If any thing will be good for me

The time you have raised question my observations are
1. Scorpio ascendant – fixed ascendant… no chance of change in the situation
2. Ascendant Lord Mars is in 12th house with Saturn, – due to some reason you may plan for travel/journey, take care of health.
3. Seventh House (lord of spouse or partner/friend) Venus is in the Nakshtra of Saturn, placed in 12th house with Mars (ascendant Lord), yes there is possibility of relationship, etc. inclusive of traveling and intimate relationship too.

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