Astrology Prediction : Query by Alekhya, from Nellore, (India)

Name : Alekhya
Date of Birth : 25-04-1992
Time of Birth : 13:37 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Nellore (India)
Question: In my birth chart Jupiter is placed in the 1st house which is debilitated and retrograde . Will it give good results or bad results?

According to the Vedic Astrology y observations are as follows:1. Leo Ascendant and has Jupiter (retrograde), affliction from Mars. Lord of Ascendant Sun is exalted and in the house of fortune/father/religion/justice etc.
2. I regret to tell you that your Jupiter (Retrograde) is placed in Leo sign, and not in debilitated sign. So, your question is irrelevant. Debilitated Jupiter was in the year 1997. Please correct your thinking.
3. Regarding retrograde Jupiter please read @ “”

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