Nifty Prediction : Stock specific interesting | Volatility possible

Daily Forecast – Share Market – January 14th, 2021 Stock specific interesting | Volatility possible Moon with Sun is leading the day, well supported by Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu. Indications for ups and downs during the day, lord of share market and banks will be transiting at the lowest speed for us and will start transiting retrograde (Vakri). Indications for the market and banks that lord will not be able to support. Foreign cues may also be non-supportive. Indications for the consolidation or for little bit of profit booking. Astrologically, please note the closing value of Nifty, possibly within 20 days, we may see same value of this index. Banks may fluctuate during the period. Keep a watch. Indication for a dull day for the Nifty movement wise. Better to say that little bit of volatility in the market will not be surprising. Areas like automobile, IT, communications, infrastructure, power, renewable energy, green energy, sugar, textiles, fashion related sectors, leather, metals, digital services/solutions, entertainment, insurance, health related segments, pathology laboratories, alcohol, by products of sugar, agriculture related automobile, chemicals, sea related areas, leaf based areas, and defence with space etc. Stock specific investment will be better. For index, keep close watch. Not much movement may be seen. Indian Currency Indian Rupee may trade in between 73.50 to 74.40 per USD. Please like my Facebook page @ ** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading […]

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