Nifty Prediction : Emotion bit positive | Watch Nifty range of 17425-17575

Daily Forecast – Share Market – September 16th, 2021

Emotion bit positive | Watch Nifty range of 17425-17575

Sun with Moon and Mars is leading the day, well supported by Saturn (Rx)+Rahu. Foreign cues may also show some recovery from previous levels, and local cues are also comfortable. Which gives a hope for decent weekend, also gives hopes for the coming Monday. Remember, lord of share market is slowing down its speed and ready to moveout in next house and sign on 22-09-2021. Market is looking comfortable, although Rahu may give sudden movements on either side, previous working day, it gave sudden rise and rose to new levels.

Importantly, three planets are enjoying advantage of their own sign and house, two planets are retrograde, and one planet is combusted. Importance of Geo-political, and trade will be important for this running period. This does not mean that we shall be ignoring our local positives and negatives.

Activities on neighbouring areas and borders will be important once again at least for next two months or so. We know that our security is strong and able to respond or teach lessons under any condition/situation.

I feel that today again market may look to better its levels. Positive movements will not be surprising. But it will also be important to set riders on upper levels, stop-loss will be better option or watchful trading on upper levels will be better, especially today is last working day for the weekend (geo-political situation is changing fast).

Activated area will be automobile, technologies, logistics, aviation, shipping, crude and related areas, insurance, banks and financial institution, health related issues (precautionary), diagnostic, IT, communication, entertainment and e-commerce, but it will be better to keep a watch on Tax rates on e-commerce based system either food related or anything, EV and lithium based batteries, automobile batteries, tyres etc. will be active along with alcohol, spirit, non-traditional segments etc.

Trimming on upper levels also possible, I agree that lord of share market will try to hold the levels. Keep watch on the range of 17425 to 17575 of Nifty.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 73.00 to 73.80 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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