Nifty Prediction : Nifty may look for 100 points or so | Trade with stop-loss

Daily Forecast – Share Market – September 23rd, 2021 Nifty may look for 100 points or so | Trade with stop-loss Moon, Sun and Mars are leading the day, well supported by Ketu, Rahu and Saturn (Rx). Lord of foreign is getting weak, but still vibes from geo-trade will be better. Local share market lord has moved in the next house for a short period. I feel that due to some or other reasons, market may show better movements than previous working day. Nifty may try to look for another 100 points or so. Even then chances of Volatility in coming period will not be surprising. China’s debt crises, and movements of various companies for other nations, may also give some better hope for our market also in coming period. Otherwise, giant global leaders are facing some issues because of China. Crude is maintaining its levels, but this is also a fact that global scenario will be changing very fast in coming year and dependability on oil may reduce due to EVs and other new sources like solar etc. So, it will be better for long term investors to focus accordingly. Areas like space, defence, power, lithium batteries, EVs, automobile, power, infrastructure, automobile tyres, ancillaries, cement, paints, paper, leather, communication instruments, communication, logistics, transport (various surfaces), pharmaceuticals, pathology laboratories, non-traditional segments, spirit, alcohol, entertainment, sugar, rubber based segments, leaf related areas, coffee, FMCG and many more segments are ready to […]

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