Nifty Prediction : Nifty may look for 17425 | Patience on Upper levels may help

Daily Forecast – Share Market – September 14th, 2021

Nifty may look for 17425 | Patience on Upper levels may help

Moon, Sun with Mars are leading the day, well supported by Saturn (Rx), Ketu and Rahu. Planetary position is

comfortable, Global market is supportive or better than previous day. I believe that market may also behave better, and pickup from the recovery mode of last working. Nifty may look for 17425.

Ups and downs because of action from Rahu and Ketu, possible. Lord of share market is also protecting, automobile, metals, power, infrastructure lord is also trying to protect own house and products.

Interestingly, today, Jupiter retrograde will be falling back with Saturn in the debilitated sign. Means Jupiter will be in Neech rashi (debilitated sign in retrograde position), but neech bhang advantage can be enjoyed by this planet.

We must be watchful for health related issues in coming days. Resulting heath care segments may be doing better again during this period and in coming days.

Banks, financial institutions if gives any opportunity, I will prefer to avail this and wait for few days and enjoy the advantage in coming month. Market may again remain better in coming period of next month (only for few days, we may see correction etc.).

Areas like automobile, metals, infrastructure, paints and cement etc. may be doing better for few days. It will be better to avail advantage in the area of banks, financial institutions, engineering, textiles, leather, paper, pharmaceuticals, energy related areas, communication, entertainment, space, shipping related, insurance (look for opportunities), e-commerce, retail, FMCG, chemicals, alcohol, cotton, communication instruments, and many more areas etc. including travel related products with fitness and cycles etc.

Market can be traded on the basis of patience/endurance. Better to test them on upper levels and allow the market to show proper direction. Ups and down will not be surprising for me (even may be low).

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 73.00 to 73.90 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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