Astrology Prediction : Query by SVR, from Chidambram (India)

Name : SVR
Date of Birth : 05-10-1979
Time of Birth : 02:25 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Chidambaram (India)
Question : Late marriage last year at age 41, lots of tensions – mother in law irritating, expenses, aged mother not getting due respect from spouse, feeling low and worried, repentant etc will married life be ji? is seperation seen

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:1. Taurus ascendant and lord Venus as Mahadasha lord is placed in the debilitated sign and house of relationship, children with Sun, exchanging aspect with Moon from the house of achievements. Ascendant is afflicted by the pressure from professional front and mother in law.
2 Family and mother house is disturbed because of Jupiter which is creating obstacles and with Rahu and Saturn. Balancing from your front is essential, which may be very tough. That means issues related to mother, her health etc. or other issues will be disturbing you as well family also. I do not mean to say that only you are culprit, other issues are also cause of concern, which may affect children related issues.
3 Few more points are there, which can not be shared on open platform. It will be better that both of you must satisfy each other in all the senses, so that some solution can be drawn.
4. If you will not take initiative by taking her to some outing, then situation may further be disturbed, because of settled life style and do not want any change in that. Remember this should be settled on mutual basis (for both of you).
5 Mahadasha lord is Venus, your own lagna lord, means if you will take initiative only then possibly situation may improve. Otherwise period can be tough till March 2024.
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