Astrology Prediction : Query by Jovian Chester, from Penang (Maleysia)

Date of Birth : 12-03-1993
Time of Birth : 18:15 Hrs (LST)
Query : I am having the worst time of my life, I believe. I was incarcerated last year September 2020, due to a friend sabotage me. I lost my job due to pandemic on 08/2020. Now these past few months I have indulge in vedic astrology to find answers to re-correct my future path. My question is: Can you kindly please analyse my birth chart for luck, wealth, sudden gains, lottery, gambling? I want to know how strong is my luck and in terms of unearned money through lottery since i am considering trying lottery now. Thank you Sir.

Jovian Chester,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:1. Leo ascendant (whole sign basis) and lord Sun is in the house of spouse/partners etc. with Saturn and Mercury (Rx). Ascendant and ascendant lord both are afflicted by Saturn, influencing your persona, thoughts and approach badly (in negative ways).
2. Before blaming to others, (I do not mean to say that you are back stabbed), please do some intro-inspection, arrogance or aggressive behavior is not always helpful, rather at times spoiling mental peace also.
3. Regarding lottery, I will not appreciate for this prospect, because it is one time earning, but you need regular income, for that work on your skills. Time will start changing from June 2023. Say after two years. But you need to sharpen your skills, and work sincerely. Never leave the job, without having any confirmed letter of offer for job/contract etc.
4. If you want, then better option will be to invest in stocks of good companies and then sell them after gaining profits.
Remain queries needs study in details, which is not possible on free service.

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