Nifty Prediction : Nifty may look for (+)100 points | Trying to grab previous levels

Daily Forecast – Share Market – May 28th, 2021 Nifty may look for (+)100 points | Trying to grab previous levels Moon with Mars is again leading the day, well supported by Saturn (Rx), Jupiter, Ketu and Rahu. Foreign cues are supporting the mood and emotions of the market, along with the improvements in COVID cases in comparison to last 15 days. Planetary position is indicating that past working of companies (in comparison to sudden dip) will be encouraging, but the fact is in comparison to 2018-19, there was big fall in 2019-20, face saving for companies was due to COVID, I can say, this was the condition, under the circumstances, majority of the companies have enjoyed advantage under the adverse condition (like Vipereet rajyog), and cleared their blocked materials during the last year’s lockdown and improved their financial position from blocked money. Secondary, many companies had got rid of burden of working class (grey coloured and white coloured), but companies like IT, communication, DTH logistics, and health-care (except hospitals) have improved their working, performed well during the acute lockdown. Companies involved in FMCG; they had liquidated blocked materials. Results of companies will be looking better under the situation and comparing previous years working. Automobile, IT, communication, logistics, banks and financial institutions, reality and infrastructure  with related segments, cement, lubricant based segments, rubber, Tea, coffee, FMCG, food related including fast food, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, chemicals, gases, metals, and communication instruments, music […]

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