Nifty Prediction : Range of 150 points of Nifty Both sides | Nifty Preparing for 16000

Daily Forecast – Share Market – June 11th, 2021

Range of 150 points of Nifty Both sides | Nifty Preparing for 16000

Mars with Rahu and Moon is leading the day, well supported by Saturn and Mercury (both retrograde), here lord of share market is totally combust. That means, lord self is not strong to support the market, whereas other planetary position and foreign issues/cues may give proper direction during the day. Indian market may not be influenced after effect of solar eclipse, because it was not visible in India (by n large areas). Only point of concern is lord of share market and banks, But lord of leader of nation is inn the house of banks with Moon, so, may give strength in the related areas. Nifty may remain lazy and with low profile.

Unnecessary comments should be avoided.

Corona is indicating some relief (figure wise), we should be watchful with the after effect of Pandemic (especially for lower middle and middle class of the society). In many countries, inflation is treated as transitory. It is pinching because of loss or reduction in income for many of us.

Many new traders have come to the market because they have lost their jobs and trying to invest their savings or try to earn from the savings, through this stock market. This is also fact that loss of someone can be gain of other one. So, my suggestion for casual traders is – Please trade with care, it will be better to invest. Trading is not a cup of tea for everyone.

Now, todays’ position can be – Nifty may look for 15800 or so.

It will be better to see strength of FIIs and foreign trade. Sudden moves will not be surprising in the last session of the day. Remember it’s a last working day before weekend. But on Monday, Lord of the share market will be in better strength.

This is also fact that now market may look for 16000 of Nifty levels in coming period. That means buying on dip will be better. Range of +/- 150 of Nifty will be within reach of the market.

Activities in the area of automobile tyre, logistics, automobile ancillary, HCV with LCVs, agriculture automobile, IT, communication, look for opportunities in banks, space, defence, agriculture, agriculture produces, sugar, healthcare, power, infrastructure, pathology laboratories, spirit, alcohol, non-traditional areas, transport, and many more segments may remain active, which may help market to look for upper levels.

It is also possible that market may try to give opportunities at lower levels. If so, it will be better to avail.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 72.70 to 73.50 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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