Astrology Prediction : Query by Hajri, from Muscat (Oman)

Name : Hajri
Date of Birth : 02-05-1979
Time of Birth : 15:39 Hrs LST (as corrected by separate comment)
Place of Birth : Muscat (Oman)
Query : I just wanted to know if any chance of marriage in still single since birth ☺

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:1. Virgo ascendant and lord Mercury is in debilitated sign, blessed by Jupiter exalted, Venus exalted and afflicted by Mars lord of malefic house. This lord of ascendant is giving strength to self, but affliction of Mars is also disturbing your personality.
2. Your question has close to its answer, because of disturbing Mars. Which is creating obstacles for marriage, although Lord of marriage is blessing and giving strength to own house, but period for marriage is not as strong as it is required to handle this affliction of Mars.
3. No one can say denial of marriage (no yog for denial of marriage), only point is blessing from god and Periodical support from planets.
4. Your relationship may have linkage with the person born out of your nation, but marriage will be with the blessings of family, traditional ways.
5. Period wise, you are passing through Main period of Ketu (South node) and sub period of Venus, can give marriage, but this period has not much strength, only blessings from God can give marriage during this period.
6. Better chances can be during the period of 2024-25 (but again blessing from God and elders will be important).
7. Your this relationship was started during the period of Ketu/Sun (here Sun is in a very bad position, so not positive to support for marriage or long marriage like relationship).

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