Nifty Prediction : Testing of 14200 for Nifty – not surprising | Watchful moves for Index better

Daily Forecast – Share Market – April 20th, 2021

Testing of 14200 for Nifty – not surprising | Watchful moves for Index better

Ketu with Mars and Moon is leading the day, well supported by Saturn and Combust Mercury. It is also fact that Mercury lord of share market is coming out of total combustion position. Indications for Pandemic is not good. We are passing through where, panic button is pressed. Lockdown situation according to the states is imposed.

Tomorrow will be market closed, and day after tomorrow is weekly expiry. Before going for long, keep all in your calculations.

Indications from foreign market is also not strong. But we must see our own situation. Delhi has announced Lockdown for a week, whereas Maharashtra had announced previously. Daily wages worker had started moving out of concern areas.

Health system in major towns is collapsed, or better to say that situation is going out of control. It will be better to use Mask, sanitizer and social distancing. This time virus is spreading through air.

Market is losing confidence. Nifty may lose levels.

Impact of government’s decision for Vaccination may give booster dose to that concerned Pharmaceutical companies. Keep a watch.

Market may give importance to the areas, which are related with COVID. That means, despite of in many areas private sectors of Path laboratories are not providing their services, but period for them will be better.

Since, Lord of share market is trying to come out of total combustion, hence, market may get some better position in coming period.

IT, communication, logistics, health care services, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, transport and related sectors may be doing better. Chemicals, gases, sugar and related areas like sanitizer manufacturer etc.

Keep a watch on cement, automobile ancillaries, tyres, batteries carbon black and many more in coming period.

It will be better to be watchful for Nifty in coming period. Only good equities will be better.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 74.60 to 75.40 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.


  1. What’s your view about corona epidemic?
    When will people’s suffering end?

    • Dr. Praveen jain,
      Jupiter will be retrograde on 20-06-2021, after that we may see some changes, but may further increase by the end of 2021. In April 2022, we may get some better relief. Only after January 2023, when Saturn will move in Aquarius sign, we may get best of relief. Whenever ignorance by Public and government will be seen, Saturn will do Justice by giving Punishment.

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