Nifty Prediction : Look for Opportunities at better levels | Look for Opportunity on upper

Daily Forecast – Share Market – April 15th, 2021

Look for Opportunities at better levels | Look for Opportunity on upper

Mercury, Mars, Ketu and Moon are leading the day with support of Sun. Global cues are supportive, lord of share market is close to moving out from its debilitated sign, but still is supporting own house, that means despite of local health issues, suspicious regarding lockdown, market may try to hold levels.

I also agree that this time during lockdown, government may try to avoid hurdles for economy. Hence, focus on lockdown but allow services. Luxurious may be disturbed.

Focus on work from home will be high during the current period, which may hurt movements, indirectly automobile may be affected, but logistics may not be affected, because that will be backbone during the period.

Now, point is – “will market be able to hold or grab 14850 of Nifty”.

FIIs may be playing important role in coming period. Market may give once again some opportunity in coming period. It will be better to avail “advantage under adverse condition.”

COVID is ready to disturb sentiment, this is also fact that banks, IT, e-commerce, Pharmacy, healthcare services, OTT, communication, FMCG, Dairy, Vegan Products, edible products including alcohol with by-products and logistics etc. may not be affected during this period of Pandemic.

Revenues from foreign lands may be important during the next one and half months or so. As on date confusion can be seen on certain point.

Foreign cues are better, but local issues are tough. Probably, after last poll, we may see some news from central government, by that time planetary position may be giving some tough indications.

Nifty may be looking for pressure on upper levels.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 74.80 to 75.60 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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