Nifty Prediction : Volatility Possible | May be better from lower levels

Daily Forecast – Share Market – April 20th, 2020 Volatility Possible | May be better from lower levels Ketu, Moon and sun are leading the day with support of Saturn, Rahu and Mercury. Kotchakra has Mars in the inner kot of the chakra, indicating that foreign issues, health issues for the nation will be tough from 24-04-2020, because this Mars will be knocking inner Kot on 24-04-2020. At the same time foreign issues may also be hurting or influencing the market. After that Mars will move in Inner kot – on 15-05-2020 for next 18 days till June 4th, After that situation will start improving for Covid in India. Certain companies and services will be reopening from the today, but this will be mainly influencing rural sector, infrastructure like road constructions etc. will be beginning. But depending upon local COVID issues. Still, indications for movements can be seen. Increased testing may show more COVID cases (probably). Movements may be cautious, or may show some selling on upper levels, but may hold levels. Trade with strict stop loss. Rahu and Ketu may give volatility to during the day. Movements in Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, Laboratories, infrastructure, automobile, logistics, banks and financial institutions etc. But still I will be looking for opportunities at lower levels after 3-4 days. Textiles, paper, leather, and sugar with alcohol based segments may be doing better. Sector wise movements can be seen. Possibly market may look better from lower […]

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