Nifty Prediction : Volatility Possible | Opportunities – good companies | Casual traders be watchful

Daily Forecast – Share Market – March 26th, 2020 Volatility Possible | Opportunities – good companies | Casual traders be watchful Sun is leading with Ketu and Rahu, well supported by Saturn. This Saturn in Capricorn sign is strong in own sign, but disturbed due to the conjunction of exalted Mars, heading for planetary war. Indications are that due to foreign issues, we may be bit disturbed in coming period, but after 4 days, we may be bit better, because lord of karma and fortune. Jupiter will be moving in with Saturn and Mars. Possibly this may give some better indications for public or nation. Still, time to be careful about health-related issues and take proper precautions. Market may see impact of check on shorting. During the year (Samvat 2077), it may be good for giant businesspersons and weak for the small one. Traders in share market must trade with care. For the day, Volatility is possible. Market is moving on the basis of news and possibly, some people may be trying to avail best of gains from previous fall. I would like to be watchful, wait for the Pandemic impacts on US in coming period. Also, India’s Lockdown stage. Income of common man is blocked. They are feeling insecure, how could market justify consumption of 80% of business. Only edibles can show movements with healthcare segments. Our IT is based on foreign markets, they are in bad shape, in […]

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