Nifty Prediction : Profit bookings at Upper levels | Avail opportunities both sides

Daily Forecast – Share Market – November 18th, 2019

Profit bookings at Upper levels | Avail opportunities both sides

Venus and Rahu are holding key with support of Saturn, Mars, Ketu, Jupiter and Mercury. Lord of the crude oil is transiting in its own house, hence will support crude. That’s the reason, with volatility crude is trying to hold its position. Again, US is trying to control, reason – stock levels of crude in US.

I agree that globally, everyone is trying to reduce their consumption of crude, because of global warming issues. Trying to invent or rely on various other resources of energy. But still consumption in other petroleum-based products will continue.

Planetary position is not bad for the share market. Global issues will be key. With coming new Mercury Mahadasha of China, they will be looking for some new blueprint of economy or moving ahead for economic power in next 17 years.

Political changes in India or partnership changes in Indian politics will be important in coming period.

I believe, unless proper consumption or employment issues for the common man will be resolved, we are not enjoying real rise of share market. I could remember other years, when transit of Jupiter was in the same Sagittarius, and this time malefic impact is high. So, better to capitalize period, but be prepared for any other trend also in coming period. Reason is government’s step for SMEs, small scale and Giant section are based on share market but must be based on employment and concrete structural planning and announcements. If rural needs support, then other areas are also now looking for planning and support. Companies are giving news/indications for chances of major retrenchment or closure etc.

Anyways, this day may show some positive movements during the day. I agree that Rahu and Ketu are also active, so Rahu can hold keys for banking sector. Keep a watch on the same area. Lord of the insurance is also in its own house; this may give some news or movements in the area also. This lord will protect own segment. May be for PSUs.

Movements in various sectors can be seen. Like engineering, banking, Petroleum gas, rubber and related segments, Paper, textiles, leather, chemicals, Breweries, alcohol, cotton, silk, entertainment instruments, communication instruments, automobile and related segments (better to watch and look for opportunity on either side).

Market has positive mindset, but Mercury is slowing down its speed, for the coming changes in its transit direction. Market may show profit bookings on upper levels. Rahu and Ketu may have to play their role after a good runup. They are preparing for waves etc.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 70.90 to 71.90 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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