Nifty Prediction : Market looking for Upper levels | Planets may give Ups and downs

Daily Forecast – Share Market – November 5th, 2019 Market looking for Upper levels | Planets may give Ups and downs Mars, Venus and Saturn are leading the day with support of Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter. This Jupiter has changed its house, astrologically a big planetary movement. Importantly, now two giant planets are giving aspect on the house of banks, where Rahu is transiting. Indications are geo-political situation may remain active for the disputes point of view. Under normal condition, market may look for upper levels. But Combo of Rahu and Ketu, can give ups and downs. Profit booking on upper levels. Action in public or persons related to farming/agriculture can be seen. Unrest in public will be seen in coming period. This may be due to unemployment and side wise impacts. Department of finance is not able to control such point with proper direction. Activities in the sector of banks and financial institution, regional states, government is enjoying strength, indicating that market may try to look forward. Foreign trade will be important as clue, because local economic issues/or other issues are not giving boost to the market to cross upper levels of 12200. Now, market is looking for cues from foreign or out of the box cues. Action can be seen in Banking, financial, sea related, crude, sea transport, sipping, ports, breweries, cotton, textiles, leather, communication instruments, silk, activities in aviation, IT, media, communication industry etc. Engineering, electrical and […]

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