Forecast : Forecast based on Jupiter Moving to Sagittarius sign on 05-11-2019

Forecast based on Jupiter Moving to Sagittarius sign on 05-11-2019

at 05:18 Hrs (IST) based on Moon Sign Basis for a year.

Aries (Mesh) –

Jupiter is transiting in the house of fortune, father and religion/judiciary with Saturn and Ketu. Period indicates that the health, fortune and travelling chances will be decent. At the same time this period can give love relationship and chances of Progeny or for children. Opportunities for travel to various religious places. Normally, Relationship with siblings may improve, but avoid micro scrutinizing of their behaviour. Professionally, period will improve after end of January 2020.

Taurus (Vrishabh) –

Jupiter has moved to the chhidra house/inheritance/hidden areas/insurance etc., giving aspect on Kutumb, banks and financial institution and importantly conversations. It will be wise to use conversations smartly and capitalize this period. If required, then restructure financial and earning structure/position. It is not necessary that you may need to restructure, if required only then. Family issues or happiness will be key. My suggestion will be reinventing your inner happiness, joy. Try to have fun with family events or with them. Mother may have some issues related to health or mental tension etc. If required, please take care. Foreign travel chances are possible or moving away from native place or family is possible. If required, please take care of your health or go to proper checkup.

Gemini (Mithun) –

Good period to evolve personality, use inner skills and aura. Period may give improvement in health. Avoid false commitment or it will be better to say that fulfil commitments if any committed. Otherwise it may give adverse impact. Period is for marriage or marriage related issues (betterment). Profession, achievements, success, travels, relationship with siblings or colleagues can be improved. I can say, period can give opportunity, so avail don’t miss. If any confusion, use skills and find a proper path. Possibly, spouse may help.

Cancer (Kark) –

Jupiter is transiting in the house of health-related issues, importantly in the Bhagyasthan of Profession, giving strength to Profession and finances. It’s time to give more focus to profession so that best of the results can be enhanced. Restructure loan related issues. It will be better to maintain diet properly. If any lever related issue develops or likewise situation develop, please take proper care. If any stubborn attitude develops after January 2020, please check it. Be diplomatic and polite. This current period can give opportunity to focus on your targets or competitive exams. But I am afraid of casualness, which may hurt achievements, so it will be better to avoid casualness. Chances of long travels are possible.

Leo (Sinh) –

Transit of Jupiter is placed nicely. Giving strength to self, children and opportunities for love relationship. This period is decent for spiritualism, religious activities. If looking to write any book, articles, spiritual activities etc. this can give you opportunity to achieve your goals and recognition related to Karma/workplace etc. Health issues can be sorted out. Past karmas will be helpful. For students, time to give your best so that results can be further enhanced – I mean preparation will give improved results. So, give the maximum so that results will be furthermore better. I can understand your focus towards achievements, time to capitalize.

Virgo (Kanya) –

It will be better to maintain decent relationship with family, friends etc. Drive with care. Time to look for renovation of house if required. Chances of going away from family, house etc. Professionally, you can give better results, use your best of skills and maintain decent relationship with seniors and colleagues. Chances of long travels, bedroom enjoyment, this period may give some health improvements. You must try to enjoy in best way with family, relatives and friends. This will help to give inner satisfaction and happiness, which will be important during the period. Chances of higher studies are open. If want to go for a change of the job, it will be better to wait, watch and go for suitable one only.

Libra (Tula) –

This period may need more focus, avoid casualness or laziness. Otherwise chances of missing opportunities may increase. Decent period for father, and fortune will be active, but for that you must ignore casual approach. Be dynamic. Your behaviour/communication will be important otherwise chances of feeling loneliness may develop. Travelling/long travels are possible. Have fun with friends, relatives and family. Spouse may help you a lot. He/she may be looking for care/attention. Chances of having wonderful companionship. Chances of marriage are decent. Use communication nicely and avail recognition/achievements.

Scorpio (Vrishchik) –

Jupiter is transiting in the second house to Moon, which is a very good position. Indications are good for finance, Kutumb (family), voice, conversation, taste, profession and will also support your preparation (for anything – Sadhna), also check health issues. Try to minimise enemies, difficulties, problems etc. It is always better to utilize strengths as mentioned above in the best ways, so that desired results can be enhanced. Looking for a change of job, try seriously with proper preparation, so that change of job can justify package also.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) –

This period can give travels, which may cause some physical or mental disturbances. Time to enjoy with spouse, children also. If planning for a child, go ahead. Transit of the planet will support you. Religiously and for father, period can be decent. Students can enjoy this period for studies. Planning to go for higher studies, look forward and go ahead. Love relationship – chances are good. If you want, then time to propose also. Don’t leave job, without having any proper letter of offer in hands. Do not take unnecessary risk.

Capricorn (Makar) –

Check expenses. Unnecessary wastage of money possible. Wastage of energy in unnecessary activities possible. Possibility of foreign travels. Or staying away from family is also possible. This means may be professionally/on tour etc. also. Have proper sleep. If you are looking for visit hermitage etc. then period can give this opportunity. During this period, Rahu will give strong competitiveness, recovery from health issues (if any), recovery from troubles/disturbances and enhances chances of foreign travels.

Aquarius (Kumbh) –

One of the best positions for Jupiter. This period may give opportunities, achievements, recognition, fame, and power etc. Time to enjoy good married life. If looking for marriage, go ahead. Period will support. Love relationship is good, looking to propose or waiting for propose from partner, chance is good. Avail this period. Planning to have child. Period of transit of planet is supporting. Go ahead. During this period Rahu pooja will be better (if going for child). Avoid confrontation (if any) with sweat heart or children. Time to resolve the matter. Good period to have fun with marriage partner. Use time with professional partners also.

Pisces (Meen) –

Resolve issues with or within or family or with mother. Housing issues can be resolved. If investing in housing, then please check all the factors properly. Otherwise, may give trouble in the long run. Avoid financial losses. Plugin leakage of funds or earnings. Give proper attention to children, otherwise some issues may be cause of concern with them. Take care of relationship with children. Progeny related issues can wait for 3 months. Transit of Jupiter may support after 4 months. Love relationship also needs proper attention. Otherwise issues may develop.

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