Nifty Prediction : Global and local news Imp. | Market may give wave – 36 hours either side

Daily Forecast – Share Market – October 23rd, 2019

Global and local news Imp. | Market may give wave – 36 hours either side

Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are controlling the day with support of Rahu, Moon and Mars. Mercury is transiting in its last degrees, close to change sign and house. I believe that market may try to hold previous levels of Nifty or better to say that opening may be close to previous levels or so. But at the time of closing or tomorrow, issues or trend may be different.

Support from foreign trade may not be decent. Still, support can be seen during the day. Performance of local companies may not be so good to boost the market Cap. Or levels of market. Time to be watchful. China’s Mahadasha is close to change, so impacts in the global market will be accordingly. They may prefer to change their friendship and business areas. Which may give impact on the geo-political and economic balance. Brexit news gave boost in the last week, but this week …, as it was mentioned in my previous week’s post that news from any source may be misleading. Such news is for the traders, not for the investors. It is always better to be watchful, for the economic values and their “Karmkand” before going for long term investments. Otherwise – it may give like – Yes Bank, Indiabulls or Infosys and many more. 10 years back Suzlon and Optocircuit etc. were doing good in the stock market and many channels or advisers were suggesting for long term investments. HDIL was among such companies.

My point is to clear that if going for long term, even then better to be watchful like a trader.

Now, time is to watch for some period (if you are investor), traders can look for opportunities at lower levels. Or companies like MRF etc. which have shares close to their chest, their chances of syphoning money will be less. That’s why their equity is at this level.

Bank, financial institutions, Paints, automobile, infrastructure, agriculture, power, metal and defense related segments, with sea related companies for the coming period like shipping, petroleum, insurance and many more.

Trade wisely. Protect your money (if required), to earn in the right time. Rahu can give wave on either side within next 36 hours.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 70.40 to 71.30 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.

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