Nifty Prediction : Nifty may trade within 11550 to 11725 | Keep a watch on Govt. News

Daily Forecast – Share Market – October 25th, 2019 Nifty may trade within 11550 to 11725 | Keep a watch on Govt. News Venus with Rahu and Jupiter leading the day they are enjoying support of Moon, Mercury + Sun. Initially, market may show some confusion and Utha-patak of politics may not be giving any impact on the market. But, confusion in the government regarding job/employment can be seen. Time has come that employment and related issues linked with Private sector (organized and unorganized) should be addressed properly, otherwise alarm for the growth of Industrial sector may go down. We were attracting foreign investors as a one of the largest markets for consumption. In case, purchasing power of a layman or common man is minimized, then what…? Who will buy products? How long trading market will reflect boom? Direction may be seen after one hour or so. Only Agriculture or government departments cannot give permanent boost to the market. Balancing in all the areas Urban and rural is important. Otherwise, consumption of Agro-products will also be reduced. Impact of unemployment can be seen in political development in coming period also. If ease of doing business is important then ease of permanent earning is also important. Both are complementing each other. At present, market is looking for direction, trying to hold its base. Neither is able to break upper levels bracket nor is breaching lower levels. Combination of Venus and Rahu […]

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