Importance of Ascendant and Ascendant Lord

Anoop Astrology Sutra

Importance Ascendant and Ascendant Lord (Lagna and Lagnesh)

Life of a natal starts from first house (Ascendant), so, Ascendant indicates initial life cycle of natal. Positive or negative effects of life can be observed, but condition is life (age). Jatak-Parijat says, “When, Lord of rising sign in ascendant, aspects ascendant, then Natal will lead a good life, financially good, intelligent, and enjoy a good status in society. He will boost his/her family’s name. If soft (shubh) planets are placed in ascendant, immediate soft planets aspects ascendant, will indicate good fate, and give a boost to fate.

Ascendant Lord is equally important. Strong ascendant lord will give main direction or success to fate or in any field. Ascendant lord is like an engine, if it is powerful and strong then will be capable of reaching to the destination without any hiccups.

According to classics, if ascendant lord is placed in trine…

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