Asecndant Lord in various houses

Anoop Astrology Sutra

Ascendant Lord in various houses:

1.       Ascendant Lord in First House- It’s a good yog for Name, fame and money point of view. Natal is knowledgeable and capable for good decisions, enjoys good longevity (Dirghayu), along with good health. Normally, achiever of success in his/her life.

But afflicted ascendant lord indicates poor health. According to Parashar, Natal will not be stable minded person. May have two spouses, and will be involved in unethical deeds.

2.       Ascendant Lord in second house- Indicates- yog for self-earned money. Natal is supposed to be learned, prosperous, religious, well-known person, who will be taking care or always eager to take care of close relatives and friends. Such natal has very special capability to analyse the situation, and help them to be successful in their profession.

3.       Ascendant Lord in third house- It’s a good combination for artistic capabilities, normally natal is known for his/her capabilities…

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