Astrology Prediction : Query by Varma, from Kottayam (India)

Name : Varma
Date of Birth : 07-05-1971
Time of Birth : 10:20 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Kottayam (India)
Query : Sir, Have been trying to sell my house since last 8 months, not sucessful. Any remedy, mantra, pooja? thanks.

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Gemini ascendant and lord Mercury is newly born in Aries sign with Sun, that’s the reason, you are not looking to give your own efforts and needs multiple command. You are also feeling that next person must do his/her best job for you, but you are not close to the perfection. Needs multiple forces to deliver the work or to complete the work.
2. This Mercury is representing house of property too, hence I had described your attitude etc. Moon is in the house of property. Hence it will be better to go with the remedy mentioned @
3. You can go to the temple and offer One Tejpatta with fresh Green grass to lord Ganesha and prey your desire on regular basis.
Best will be for Lord Shiva.
4. Dasha is not supporting at the moment to sell the property. Coming period may also show some low value.



  1. Many thanks Sir, however no Shiva temples near my house. will this work if I offer almonds to my home Shiva diety? and at the end of 43 days flow them in river?


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