Remedies : Remedy to sell House, shop or plot/land (if facing difficulties)

Remedy to sell House, shop or plot/land (if facing difficulties)

If anyone is facing problem in selling his/her house, shop or plot/land, then he/she should go to the market andpurchase 86 numbers of whole Almonds (Complete).

Next day after bath natal should go to Shiv Temple (empty stomach), and offer 2 almonds to lord Shiva or Shiv ling. Out of these two Almonds, take back one almond and keep at one place in your house. While offering – natal must pray to lord Shiva and request to sell his/her house.

After 43 days when this offer will be completed and you will have 43 whole almonds in your store, drift them in flowing water.

If your deal is completed before 43 days even then (after completion of this deal) this 43 days process should be completed.

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  1. Hello is it necessary to purchase exact 86 almonds? I am looking to sell a property. I live abroad so going to temple everyday would not be possible. I have a shivling at home. Hoe can I execute the remedy?

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  2. Does it really work? My parents are trying to sell the house and everytime the deal is almost confirmed, it gets cancelled. It’s been quite sometime now. Going through a huge financial crisis and a lot is depending on the selling of the house.


  3. Can I do it on behalf of my husband….if yes 43 days straight cannot be done by ladies due to monthly menstrual cycles..plz suggest


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