Astrology Prediction : Horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal

Horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal

Leo ascendant and lord Sun is in the house of expenses/foreign lands/Moksha and hospital etc. with Mars lord fortune and own place, fortune and father and lord of happiness, native place indicating that he may not be enjoying internal happiness, and that’s the reason he has many profession and achieving those but leaving or coming out of the situation.  Normally in such positions either natal may stay in foreign lands or may have to face losses or detach from his own profession or responsibilities and health related issues may affect his health.

Ascendant has Mercury and Venus with the lord of poorv karma/fall from position/education and lord of research and analysis, that’s why he was good in education and intelligent and knowledgeable person, but unpredictable in thoughts even for him and while giving any statement, he may be harsh and his statements may have dual directions.

Since Jupiter lord of eighth house is giving aspect on the house of partners/colleagues etc. so he may be unpredictable even for them.

His ambition is in his ascendant with Jupiter and Venus – so his intellect and research work and efforts will be fully utilized to achieve his ambition, but point is will he remain sit or deliver his responsibility according to his intellect, knowledge or will he looking to extract some financial gains, because lord or finance and gains is in ascendant, so his aim can be big, but Ketu in the second house may play a spoil sport for him.

Currently he is passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter lord of eighth house and fifth house – indicating achievement and then fall from position (also possible), which is has pulled him into politics and strength to this house lord is in conjunction with Mercury and Venus, providing strength to the lord of this house of mysteries and Ups and downs and bringing him into politics, providing him CM place.

Resigning from the position because of attitude, debilitated Mars again lord of fourth house in the house of expense, and Neech, being lord of fortune, prandasha was Saturn, that’s why due to some legal technicalities and some legal/law related issue was cause of detachment.

I feel some out the way move may come after lots of verbal exchanges after 18-02-2014, from his side and may come out with some new details which may un-earth some new propaganda.

This Mercury Anterdasha period may cause some trouble for him before 05-03-2015 (conjunction of Markesh Mercury and Jupiter being lord of Poorva karma and lord of miseries in his lagna in Mrityubhag) This may be related to health/fame/image etc.

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