Astrology Prediction : Fall of Kejriwal Government and impact on Arvind Kejriwal

Fall of Kejriwal Government on 15-02-2014 and impact on Arvind Kejriwal

Date of formation of Government : 28-12-2013

Time of oath by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal : 11:57 Hrs (IST)

Place of Oath : Delhi (India)

Pisces ascendant and lord Jupiter retrograde is in the house cabinet and giving its aspect on the house of longevity, assembly, and lord of agitation, disturbance etc. Lord of expenses Saturn is in the longevity of the government.

Moon is with Rahu in the house of miseries, indicating always some or other swinging of mood. Ketu is indicating some aggressive exchange of words during the period of this government.

Although, Saturn is forming Vipereet rajyog, and indicating some advantage under adverse condition to the government, leader of the government is Jupiter but retrograde, indicating some advantage to the leader of the government.

Chief Minister resigned on 15-02-2014, and Dasha cycle was Rahu/Venus/Venus/Rahu/Saturn

Rahu and Saturn are in the house of longevity, Saturn is representing house of expense or liquidation, Venus lord of younger brother had made them elder brother at the time of forming this government, that’s why they were in a position to rule Congress.

All the planets were connected with the longevity/ups and downs and finally to the Moksh of the government, and situation were strongly developed from 13-02-2014.

Result of this down fall may give some advantage under adverse condition to the Leader of the falling government, but it will not be necessary that they may enjoy this benefit or advantage under adverse condition.

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