Astrology Prediction : Query by AJ, from Hyderabad (India)

Name : AJ
Date of Birth : 15-09-1990
Time of Birth : 05:15 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Hyderabad (India)
Query : Love marriage or arranged marriage?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Leo ascendant and lord Sun is placed in ascendant, indicating aggression in nature, Mercury lord of achievements and finance is combust and retrograde, Venus lord of profession and effort is also in the shadow of Sun. Indicating (if) you have aggression in your nature then check it.
2. Lord of spouse is Saturn, afflicting house of education, and house of spouse as well house of achievements and finance, indicating you are not focusing on your targets, due to such issues.
3. You are passing through Mahadasha of Mercury, but it needs focus and proper efforts, my suggestion is that possibility of delay in marriage, and focus your time on career, because this is the time to achieve and focus.
I am not going to respond your main query, but suggestion, I had mentioned according to your horoscope.
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