Astrology Prediction : Time is starting for New Political Partnerships

Daily Forecast India – November 27th, 2013

Time is starting for New Political Partnerships 

Two planets are transiting through the nakshatra of Rahu and Saturn, whereas 3 planets are from the house of Jupiter and 3 from Venus, but after 11.00 Hrs (IST) Sun will be more powerful than the lord of Nation.

My feeling is that Government may come up with some regulatory or bills etc. related to Petroleum or related field. Cabinet may come to take some decisions for the foreign trade related decisions, so that foreign currency position may improve in coming days, but will it be good for long-term for the nation or not… will be a different issue.

New Political equations are on the cards but may take few days’ time or may be after 02-12-2013 to 29-12-2013.

Natural calamity or human created calamity is possible for next 60 Hrs. This includes accidents and other activities may be related to terrorist act. This is applicable for the world.

Judiciary will give some important decision and may affect cabinet as well leader of the nation or we can say Government.

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