Astrology Prediction : Nifty may Open Positive | Positive Day Expected

Daily Forecast – Share Market – November 25th, 2013

Nifty may Open Positive | Positive Day Expected

Five planets are in the nakshatra of Jupiter and Venus, whereas four planets are in connection with Rahu and Saturn.

Clear indication for the gains to Nifty or share market, because speculation is well-connected with lord of the horoscope, but word or strong caution that Saturn is afflicting this lord of nation, or authorities are afflicting this lord of nation, so be watchful while trading because suddenly possibility of change is not denied.

Petroleum, Gas, Gems related and Jewellery related may trade positively. Infrastructure, power, Vehicle related industries etc. may also remain positive. I feel trend may remain positive for banking, financial institutions and insurance segments.

Still national debt position is on the higher side, so be watchful. For foreign investors rates are not high, but equities are not giving profit to them, so market is not well supported by foreign traders.

Indian Rupee

Indian currency may show some better movement but may remain in between 62.0 to 63.50 per USD.

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