Astrology Prediction : Positive opening expected | Trade with strict Stop-Loss

Daily Forecast – Share Market – November 14th, 2013

Positive opening expected | Trade with strict Stop-Loss

Three planets are transiting through the nakshtra of ascendant lord Venus and three planets transiting from Jupiter. Remaining three planets are indicating importance of sixth house.

I feel market may open with positive note and may remain positive, because lord of Satta/sudden gains has improved its momentum and Saturn is also coming out of combust position. It also indicates that some suspects for the trading trend may remain.

Market may cross 6075 Nifty points, but time to be watchful, possibility of sudden change in the trend is not ruled out. Bank and financial segment may trade not so strong, IT, communication and transport Industry may perform better.

Pharmaceuticals, agriculture and eatables may show some positive indications. Engineering and related industries may also perform better.

While trading strict stop-loss is advised. Take care while going for Long positions. Since, economic debt position is not comfortable.

Indian Rupee

Indian rupee may trade in between 63.0 to 64.25 per USD.

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