Astrology Prediction : Alarming Inflation situation

Daily Forecast India – November 8th, 2013

Alarming Inflation situation

Jupiter retrograde in the house of speech indicates that leading personalities will give more focus on Old issues, which may be related to riots or other administrative issues. If, these issues are raised to learn a lesson then good, but if just for the sake of pointing out fingers on each other than I feel this may give negative impact on national harmony. So, leading personalities must be careful while giving speech.

Terrorist activities may hit globally and India must take care of such activities, because Saturn is combust in such house, along with Rahu and Sun, planet of public and political parties is also affected with this conjunction. Politicians and public means may be in some rally or at such a place where gathering is expected, be watchful.

Religious persons may have to suffer during this period because lord of their house is combust.

Prices of agriculture related products (produces) may further go up, inflation and national debt is further creating inflation issue.

Weather disturbances and natural calamity is expected.

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