Astrology Prediction : Weather Disturbance | Natural Calamity | Man made Calamity

Daily Forecast India – November 7th, 2013

Weather Disturbance | Natural Calamity | Man made Calamity

Jupiter in the house of speeches etc. is going to be retrograde and giving aspect on the lord of parliament, religion, Judiciary, Administration etc. with financial condition (national debt – inflation), document related issues along with security related matter etc. Notable persons must check their words while giving any statement or speech or participating in any discussions etc. This may hurt national feelings and harmony.

Law and order may be affected due to some key person’s decision or ego or any such type of issue.

Weather disturbance, natural calamity or man-made calamity is expected in next 72 Hrs. (Globally)

Inflation, rates of eatables may further go up, public has to suffer further due to political and administrative reason (Saturn is total combust). Government is not in a position to take any decision or give any guidelines to administration. Man crated sort of situation is developed in the market.

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