Astrology prediction : National Debt to Increase | Eatable Prices to go Up

Daily Forecast India – November 6th, 2013

National Debt to Increase | Eatable Prices to go Up

Congratulations to all the members of the team involved in Mars Mission for successful launch of Mars Mission and to every Indian, because it’s a moment of pride.

Court decisions or any decision related to any commission may not be as good as it was in previous days or we can say time to Member of Parliament may not be great, because it’s a time when more MP’s may come into trap of agencies.

Inflation and national debt may further go up; reason is government is not in a position to take any firm step for the growth of nation. Hence, eatable products related to agriculture may further go up. Public has to suffer more and above all most likely some news related to petroleum may be treated as election tool, because Saturn lord of Parliament is combust and is affecting house of petroleum Products etc.

Disturbance can be seen because of some regional politics for government to maintain relationship with neighbouring nations.

Activities like terrorist may increase or some lapse may be seen in security.

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