Astrology Prediction : Opening in Profit zone | IT index may be better

Daily Forecast – Share Market – October 28th, 2013

Opening in Profit zone | IT index may be better

Mercury has settled down to its retrograde movement, and for few days can give positive trend, because, Jupiter lord of the house of unexpected income is giving strength to its own house. We can expect some more gains to the Exchange or related norms like Nifty or Sensex. Although movement can be lazy, but I feel can be positive.

My suggestions for the persons, whose house of sudden gains (eighth) house is not strong for these days, for them please be watchful. According to Indian market condition it’s giving strength to the house related to the gains to share market.

Aviation, IT, communication, entertainment, hotel and tourism Industry etc. can be in positive zone. Banks etc. may give positive movements, but be selective. Food items etc. may show some movements, with agriculture, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Infrastructure, power, metal, mines and minerals etc. can be better.

In case of sudden changes be prepared for profit bookings.

Indian Currency

Inflation in Indian economy is indicating that Indian Rupee may trade in between 61.0 to 62.25 per USD.

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